Amazon Yarapa River Lodge

Yarapa River Rainforest Reserve

We have worked very closely with neighboring tribes to develop the Yarapa River Rainforest Reserve. This reserve encompasses 10 square miles of pure, undeveloped rainforest that surrounds the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge.

We have pledged to the tribes that we will not build on it and that it will remain a place of wilderness forever.

The reserve is now the official release spot for
ACOBIA manatee rehabilitation program.

The Yarapa River Reserve has been formally recognized by INRENA, the Peruvian government's national parks division. In fact, they have been so proud of our co-op management with the local tribes that they have handed over a portion of the
Pacaya-Samiria National Park for us to co-manage.

Article on the Yarapa River Rainforest Reserve by Ornithologist David Rosane