Amazon Yarapa River Lodge


Our Mission
We are dedicated to protecting the environment. We have collaborated and agreed with the local tribes to set aside a huge natural preserve. Because we have vowed not to develop the preserve, we are ensuring the surrounding rainforest will remain pristine and intact for future generations.

Our Lodge
The Amazon Yarapa River Lodge uses earth-friendly resources, including solar powering, composting, and flush toilets with a waste management system. Our lodge has been built with local materials and local design ideas, for a perfect balance of rustic yet comfortable quarters. Roofs and walkways are thatch covered, providing a natural cooling system from the tropical heat. All living areas are discreetly screened in protecting our guests from insects while they sleep, eat, and relax inside the lodge.

We offer private rooms with a shared bath or private bungalows with bath included. We have a relaxing hammock house, dining room, lounge area, female and male fully furnished bathrooms, laboratory, and classroom for students, all connected via a network of elevated covered walkways.

Our Activities
Guests can choose from a wide range of activities. Embark on unforgettable adventures, including guided hikes, wildlife viewing boat rides, medicinal plant walks, piranha and peacock bass fishing, canoeing in an authentic dugout canoe, shaman ceremonies, visiting our nearby local villages, and stargazing boat rides to name but a few. Even enjoy an opportunity to work with rainforest manatees through our unique partnership with a local wildlife rehabilitation group.

All of our activities are sensitive to the environment and culture of our area. We take care to educate our guests on the importance of leaving as little trace as possible during their time with us. We encourage responsibility and understanding of the diverse ecosystem in which our guests become part of. It is to the benefit of everyone that the Amazon Rainforest remains pure.