Amazon Yarapa River Lodge

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge?
See the map below, we are along the banks of the Yarapa river (a tributary of the Amazon) in the country of Peru.


How do I make arrangements to visit the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge?

Feel free to book directly with us or through your own travel agent.
Where is the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge located?
We are located on a remote, pristine tributary of the Amazon River in the country of Peru. Our remote location allows for fantastic wildlife viewing.

How do I get to the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge?
You need to fly to Iquitos, Peru. To get to Iquitos, you currently need to fly through Lima, Peru. International flights to Lima are easy to find online or through your travel agent. The flight from Lima to Iquitos can be booked online or through your agent.
When is the best time of year to visit?
Anytime of year is a great time to go. The Peruvian Amazon has a high water period from late November through February which results from both the melting of snow during the Andean summer and from the rainy season in the upper jungle. The low water period begins in late May and goes through August. The water levels can change more than 45 feet in some parts of the jungle! At the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge, we have about a 20 foot water level difference that is noted in our pictures.
Average daytime temperatures are 88º F and nighttime temperatures are 72º F regardless of the time of year.
Does it Rain all of the time?
Rain occurs almost daily throughout the year. The rainfall is usually heavier during the high water months (late November through March).
Is Malaria a problem ?
Malaria has never been reported at our lodge or the surrounding area. However, Malaria can be found anywhere throughout the tropics and we recommend you speak with your doctor to consider taking an anti-malarial agent during your visit to the Peruvian Amazon.

What to pack on your trip?

Useful Items
Sunscreen · Insect repellent (consider 100% Deet)· Sunglasses · Waterproof Camera · Lightweight rain jacket · Lightweight hat with a brim · Flashlight with extra batteries and bulb · Alarm clock · Zip lock bags for moisture proofing equipment · Small first aid kit with band aids, antibiotic ointments · Lip balm · Water bottle · Stuff bags · Waterproof watch · Binoculars · Journal and pen and/or reading materials

Clothing for the jungle
Cotton T-shirts · Shorts · Swim suit · Lightweight long sleeved shirts · Lightweight pants · Windbreaker · Cotton underwear · Long Cotton socks to tuck into bottoms of pants· Nightshirt or light robe to travel to bathrooms · Heavy duty gym shoes, sneakers, or comfortable hiking boots.